Friday, April 13, 2007


This is Grace, from Hoffman's Amazing Grace.

The headdress, face paint, braids. And in this case, another way of signifying Indian... Crossed legs (commonly called, in elementary and preschool classrooms, "sitting Indian style") and arms crossed and held high. Why held that way?!

And the text... "Hiawatha, sitting by the shining Big-Sea Water..."

Just sad all around, the messes made with real and imagined Native culture.
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George, in a GEORGE AND MARTHA picture book

This is George and Martha, the much-loved hippos featured in James Marshall's books.

Feathered headdress, hatchet, and... what? A breechclout? Loincloth? No moccasins. Hmmm... Sort of like UIUC's now-discontinued "Chief Illiniwek."

Note George's left arm (do hippos have arms?!). Waving hello to Martha? Or saying "How" in that gesture too much of America thinks is the way Indians say 'Hello'.